26 MARCH 2009

Cows At Craigclowan
We had a fantastic response to our 'Design a cow bench for Craigclowan' competition, with hundreds of super designs. It was difficult to choose winners from such a great selection. We will be fundraising next term to buy the benches with an Art Exhibition for the whole school on Junior Sports Day, Friday 22nd May in the Sports Hall.

Our runners up are: Emily Heseltine · Alex Howie · Hugh Fearn · Sophie Curran · Jeremy Bidwell and Lucy Haddow

Our 2 prize winners whose designs will be painted on our cows are: Jessica Porritt and Emmy Hall

Well done.


Prize Winners: Jessica Porritt and Emmy Hall

Prize Winners with the Runners Up


Garden Logo...


25 MARCH 2009
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Mark Dibnah reports...

Mr. Mark Dibnah reports
from the potting shed..!



Jane Richards

25 MARCH 2009
Jane Richards from the RSPB reserve at The Loch of the Lowes returned to visit Form 1 on Wednesday 25th March. The children impressed Jane with their knowledge of the birds that have been visiting the school garden. She played some games with the children and they enjoyed creating a story about a school that didn’t have any birds in their garden. They enjoyed discovering how to attract the birds to the school. Jane also presented Form 1 with a certificate congratulating them for being a part of a ‘Bird Friendly’ School.



The Equipment!

25 MARCH 2009

Wednesday 25th March saw important scientific research carried out by the combined intelligence of 7(P). Much interest had been shown in the ‘dunkability’ of several biscuits. Various biscuits were tested for 15 seconds and 30 seconds.
The results are published below...

A biscuit based shirt sponsor was also investigated in a very scientific way but there was a tie in popularity between
Tesco Value Biscuits and Jolly Cow Sterilised Milk Biscuits. Results will be published after the Easter Break.
Surreal Science is alive and well at Craigclowan.

Durability results...

Biscuit 15 Seconds 30 Seconds Biscuit 15 Seconds 30 Seconds Biscuit 15 Seconds 30 Seconds
Kit-Kat Yes Yes Chocolate Chip Yes No Custard Cream No No
Crispy-Flute Yes Yes Tunnocks Caramel Yes Yes Chocolate Digestive Yes No
Rich-Tea No No Fox’s Crinkles Yes No Ginger Nut Yes Yes
Cantuccini Yes No Oreo (miniature) Yes No Jacobs Crackers Yes Yes
Aberfeldy No No Chocolate Fingers Yes Yes Syrup Waffles Yes Yes
Happy Hippo Yes Yes - - - - - -



24 MARCH 2009

Tuesday March 24th was the occasion of the annual Senior School Poetry Competition. To earn a place as a Finalist, pupils in Forms 6 and 7 had competed fiercely in their respective English sets. Sadly there were only 12 places available for each Form in the Final.
This year Dr. John Byrom from Glenalmond College kindly agreed to act as judge and, as well as offering the audience some thoughtful comments about the nature of poetry, was also very complimentary about the high standard of the performances of the Finalists, offering each finalist an individual critique.

The Finalists - Click to enlarge...
Click to view...
The Finalists

Dr. Byrom praised all the finalists for the high standard of recitation he had listened to during the competition. He also praised the audience of pupils from Form 3 to Form 8 for listening so attentively to all the finalists.
There was a wide variety of poems on offer ranging from the funny to tragic and a wide range of poets, too, as Allan Ahlberg and Spike Milligan battled for supremacy over Wilfred Owen and Christina Rossetti!

After careful consideration, Dr. Byrom awarded first prize in Form 6 to Chloe Dibnah. Runner-up was Pierre Borderie and Alice Joyce and Ruairidh Leader were highly commended. In Form 7 first prize was awarded to Alexander Warren with Issy Arnaud as runner-up. Tobermory Mackay-Champion was highly commended. Well done to all the finalists for communicating the message in their poems so well and for sharing their enjoyment of poetry with the audience.

Judging the Finalists

Chloe Dibnah · Dr. John Byrom · Alexander Warren

The Winning Finalists



24 MARCH 2009
On Tuesday March 24th Form 8 Latin pupils celebrated the end of their study of Roman food and dining by having a feast. Most of the guests even managed to come wearing togas for the occasion and were served by the slaves for the day, Mrs Dibnah and Mrs Wright.

In true Roman fashion the guests reclined to eat, using their fingers to select a wonderful array of food whose theme was “food disguised as something else”. Amongst the fare on offer were cakes in the shape of Mount Vesuvius, the Minotaur, a caterpillar and a pig! There were also biscuits in the shape of Roman numerals, gingerbread people dressed as Romans, butterfly and dormice cakes, cakes spelling out “Latin feast”, a jelly in the shape of a fish and much, much more. No Roman feast would be complete without entertainment and the guests were treated to a juggling act, bagpipe players and a troupe of very professional dancing girls. A good time was had by all (even the poor slaves who were allowed by the masters and mistresses to sample some leftovers!) OMNES CENAVIMUS BENE!

Joshua Barthram

Form 7P performed plays based on the story of Aeneas’ meeting with the giant Polyphemus on his journey to found the new Troy after the Trojan War. The most unusual play was presented by Joshua Barthram who had made models of all the characters from this story and used these to narrate the tale. Look out Nick Park, Wallace and Gromit have competition!



23 MARCH 2009

This year our Form 8 pupils have achieved some great things and we were delighted with the recent news of scholarship attempts. We had 2 academic awards, 4 all-rounder awards, 7 sports awards and one pupil won a place at a tennis academy.

These scholarships were awarded by 5 different schools and we are very proud of the efforts of all those concerned which once again shows the high level of achievement possible here.

The Headmaster congratulates the Scholars on the Mound


Dunolly adventures - visit our website... GOLDEN TIME

20 MARCH 2009

Golden Time - Dunolly Activity Centre

"Don't stop me now, I'm havin' such a good time,
I'm havin a ball. Don't stop me now, if you wanna have a good time, just give me a call.
Don't stop me now.
Don't stop me now.
I don't wanna stop at all."

The sun shone, the birds twittered, the fog lifted and the noise erupted at Dunolly this year. Over 80 children rafted, 15 kayaked and 7 climbed for Golden Time. Could life at Craigclowan get any better… roll on skiing in France!




20 MARCH 2009

Form 4 greatly enjoyed their afternoon of European fun. There was entertainment in the form of singing, dancing, guitar and violin playing, National Anthems and lots of jokes. The children sat down to an enormous feast of delicacies from all over Europe including sausage, cheese, éclairs, fruit, biscuits and breads. The day was brought to an end with a piñata; plenty of goodies were hidden inside for all.




MARCH 2009

The Cross-country season ended in cheers and celebrations. To make up for the cancellation of 3 inter-school events because of adverse weather conditions, a well attended Craigclowan House Team Competition took place at lunchtime. Cameron Griffiths and Ludo Findlay won the Long Race in which Christina Farrar was the first girl crossing the finish line. The Short Race was won by Austen Hay whilst Isla Patterson grabbed the 1st girl’s prize. Everyone’s effort benefitted the four Houses’ ranking, with Arran being the clear winner on this occasion.

The last training session of the season was spent Easter egg hunting, followed by a much enjoyed macaroni cheese and chocolate cake in the dining hall.


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20 MARCH 2009

Perform in Perth website...
Form 1 at St.Leonards enjoyed singing and playing on Friday 20th March at 'Perform in Perth'




19 MARCH 2009
Form 1 enjoyed a visit from Perth Fire Service on Thursday 19th March. The children had a good look in all of the ‘cupboards’ on the fire engine and they even got to sit in the back and try on the heavy helmets. It was a fun afternoon and they enjoyed hearing about the roles the fire service play in the community.



18 MARCH 2009
U-11 Boys Hockey (H)
What a game to finish the season! With both teams returning from the National Finals in Bristol on Monday this was always going to be a competitive game. From the starting whistle the game was fast and furious. Players adapted well to the challenge of 11 a-side hockey on the full pitch. Super marking, tackling and passing out of defence allowed the midfield and forwards to attack quickly. Craigclowan took the lead with an early goal after 10 minutes. Cargilfield bounced back and stole a goal to go into half time 1-1. With relentless pressure, corners and shots on target, Craigclowan should really have finished the game ahead, yet the score remained 1-1 when the final whistle blew – perhaps a fair result for two teams that have shone well ahead of any of their Scottish opponents all season. This was the final match of the season, rounding off an unbeaten year both in rugby and hockey for this talented group of players. Let’s hope we can build on these successes next year.
1st Boys Hockey (H)
The last game of the season saw a weak Cargilfield travel north. As we were hampered by injuries and illness, this was actually a well-contested game of hockey. With the younger boys who will be returning next year playing in key positions, the team played well and were 1-0 up at half-time. More goals followed and the season ended with a fine 4-1 victory. This was a great end to what has been another good season’s hockey. Very well done, boys!

Final Score: Craigclowan 4 – 1 Cargilfield



17 MARCH 2009
On Tuesday Form 2 went to Dundee to experience the R.R.S. Discovery. Here are a few characters’ views…

"I am the coal shoveller. I have a hard life. I have to work for 4 hours then I sleep in my smelly hammock for 4 hours then go back to work. I don’t like my work because I kneel down a lot. I get very dirty and I have a candle. I am the last person to go in the bath because I make it dirty. I am called Jack – Jack with the bad back."

"I am the cook in the Discovery. I cook for 47 people. We have seals and penguins often. I put mustard all over the penguins to take away the nasty taste. It is annoying because there is a big mask in the middle of the galley. I have a cat to chase away the mice and rats. It is hard to cook when the ship is rolling along. I quite like my job because I work in the warmest place of the ship. I sleep in a hammock. I am a very busy person."



16 MARCH 2009
As part of our project on Japan we made our own Japanese gardens. We used ordinary objects like lollipop sticks and salt to create our Zen gardens. We loved using our imaginations and really enjoyed looking at what everyone had made. We think our mums and dads enjoyed this activity too.



16 MARCH 2009
The squad flew down to Bristol, early on Sunday morning, arriving at Glasgow Airport at 7.30am! We landed on time and had a quick lunch before our training game against the Downs School. The sun seemed to drain the energy from the players quickly and the 4-2 lead withered away to a final 4-4 draw. Everyone enjoyed the game and it was ideal preparation for the 6 matches on Monday.

The squad and supporters arrived at 9.30am at Clifton College. With 4 sections of 5 teams the hockey was going to be quite a challenge. A slim 1-0 defeat to Millfield in the first game was disappointing as we had most of the pressure. We then continued to play some good hockey recording a win and a draw. Our final section game against Kent College required us to notch up a victory. Unfortunately this was not to be. The players enjoyed a super 3-0 victory in the plate competition and narrowly missed out 1-2 in the final. What a trip! It was great to have so much travelling support to give the players that extra metre as the legs started to tire. The results of all the matches were so close and it was disappointing not to progress into the cup competition. Now the standard has been set for next year, I am confident every one of these boys has the motivation and ability to push the older players for a place in a strong looking U-13 squad for next year. Put the work in boys and there is no reason you can’t reach the National Finals again! Well done.



14 MARCH 2009
Seven girls went to the Ardvreck Sixes Tournament on Saturday 14 March to finish off what has been a fantastic year for them. Although they had not played as a team since last November, they still travelled with high hopes of doing very well. Christina captained the team brilliantly and was well supported by Emily in goal and Alexandra and Mollie in defence as the team looked as if they had never been away from a hockey pitch. Our free scoring forwards – Sophie, Hope and Isobel - ensured that we comfortably won all of our games. Belhaven 3-1, Riley House 4-0, Ardvreck 4-0 and St Mary’s in the final 4-0 meant that the girls won another tournament to successfully end what was, for most of them, their Craigclowan hockey careers.

Very well done girls!


Red Nose Day - visit our website... RED NOSE DAY

13 MARCH 2009

Red Nose Day
All the children got into the spirit of Comic Relief by wearing red noses around the school. Each child donated £1 towards comic relief, which meant we raised £360. Mr Simpson managed to raise £200 by dressing up in Lycra and a fantastic afro wig to join in with the Aerobics class at the end of school.
He boogied on down for about 20 minutes before he needed oxygen… certainly worth every penny.

Doing Something Funny for Money!

A BIG hand for Mr Simpson!



13 MARCH 2009

Congratulations to the chess team on winning the Fair City Chess Tournament at St. Ninians.
They lost 1 drew 1 and won 10 of the games they played, picking up 10½ out of 12 points available.
Well done boys.

Rear: Frankie Hay - Robert Wilson
Front: Andrew Smith - George Marlow - John Alexander

Fair City Chess Winners
Primary 6 & 7


Perform in Perth website...

12 MARCH 2009

Craigclowan was performing with confidence and decorum at St Leonard’s-in-the Field this week.

First class certificates were awarded by the adjudicator Brian Marjoribanks to 51 of the 65 performers on the stage.

A first class certificate is awarded for a score of over 85 marks.
These are the total categories: 14 @ 84 / 21 @ 85 / 10 @ 86 / 12 @ 87 / 7 @ 88 / 1 @ 89.
Some of the children were appearing for the first time in Perform in Perth. Some were reciting poems others reading from the Bible. A lot of contestants were reading extracts from a nominated novel. All were practising the skills of public speaking and learning from the experience.


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11 MARCH 2009
Form 1’s project ‘People Who help Us’ continued this week with a welcome visit from a local dentist. Dr. Gray, who was accompanied by her trusty assistant ‘Dotty’, came in to talk to us on Wednesday 11th March.

Dotty’s teeth were in need of some attention, so the children all helped to clean them with a special toothbrush. The children were then given their own brushes and they set to work to show Dr. Gray how well they look after their own teeth.

The children also discussed which foods help to keep their teeth healthy; we are all in agreement that too many sweeties are bad for our teeth!



11 MARCH 2009
U-13 'A' and 'B' Teams
Wednesday saw both 'A' & 'B' teams play away against Fettes. We played both games at the same time. The 'B' Team played a corker of a game, all players had a great match with Jemima in charge. The winning score line 17 – 11 to Craigclowan.

The 'A' team also has an equally exciting match with all the girls, yet again lifting their game to even greater levels. Craigclowan always dominated play and ended up beating a tough Fettes team 22 – 16

U-11 'A' and 'B' Teams
Our U-11 girls were playing their final match of Netball this term, if both teams won, that would mean they had yet another unbeaten season. The 'B' team played first and it was obvious from the start they were up for the game. The girls took control and dominated the play, allowing the shooters to score the goals. The final score shows how dominant our girls were 17 – 1
The 'A' team had a nervous start, with some poor passing, however once they had warmed up, there was no stopping them. It is difficult to pin point any one player dominating the game, as this was definitely a match when the girls played as a team. Final score: 24 – 3.

Well done to all the U-11 girls for a super Netball term. All 28 girls have played a part in such a successful term and huge thanks goes out to them from Mrs Grant and Mrs Whitelaw. You have all been a pleasure to teach!



11 MARCH 2009
'A' Team
This was the final game for the ‘A’ team before they head to Bristol on Sunday morning for the IAPS Finals. Almost every player was asked to play in at least two different positions throughout the match. This proved to be a successful experiment with Cameron on the right of midfield and Fintan on the left. The aims at the start of the game were certainly fulfilled: man to man marking in the danger zone, quick and short free hits and finally demanding the best of every player on the pitch. A convincing 7-1 victory brought smiles to everyone’s face. Let us hope that we are all still smiling on Monday night!

'B' Team
The final match of the season for the ‘B’ team, captained by Thomas, was a close fought battle. With neither team choosing to play with a goal-keeper there was opportunity to shoot early. The Craigclowan boys had to stick tight to their forwards to avoid any early shots. As the legs started to tire the players found it tough to keep the accurate and early passing going from the first half. With the final whistle blowing, a well deserved 2-1 victory was recorded. A special mention must go to Felix and Henry for keeping their concentration at the back, and to Alasdair B and Thomas for their tireless work in the midfield. A great score to finish the season. Well done!



06 MARCH 2009

A great evening out was had by all parents and staff at the inaugural Craigclowan Quiz Night

To view the images please visit our PTA News & Events webpage...



05 MARCH 2009
Winners at the U-9 St.Leonards New Park Rugby Tournament.
The U-9s 'A' and 'B' teams had a great day at this annual event and the 'A' team won the competition for only the third time in the last 10 years. The 'A' team won all their five games and the 'B' team also had a very successful afternoon.
Well done boys!

'A' Team

'B' Team


Book Aid International... SECOND HAND BOOK SALE

06 MARCH 2009
On Friday 6th March, we held our annual second hand book sale. Books were donated by pupils and sold at 50p each or three for £1. There was a wonderful selection of books donated this year and we raised £250 for Book Aid international, an organisation which buys books for schools in sub-Saharan Africa. SU Explorers helped to organise and run the sale, and were dressed as characters from books for the occasion. After the sale, the remaining books were donated to Strathallan School in order to be shipped to Mosanto in Malawi, where Strathallan is supporting the refurbishment of a school. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the sale by buying or donating books.



05 MARCH 2009
Form 6W recently used all their new physics knowledge about electric circuits, to create and design their own electric “Crazy-Loop” game. They drew their detailed circuit diagrams and then proceeded to build their game using copper wire, buzzers and batteries.

Much fun was had by all!



05 MARCH 2009
On Thursday 5th of March Craigclowan entered two teams for the annual Merchiston Maths Fun Day Challenge. Thirty two teams entered the competition. There were four children in each team.

The morning session involved solving eight separate maths puzzles. All our young mathematicians were outstanding. Team 'A' were in the lead at the half way stage with
Team 'B' not far behind.

In the afternoon the children had to compete in a maths relay. This was very exciting. All the children from all the schools displayed an incredible level of maths knowledge. However, when all the results were collated, there was a surprising result. Merchiston 'A' had narrowly won the competition with Craigclowan 'B' coming in second.
Craigclowan 'A' had slipped down to 5th.

Of the 32 teams that had entered, Craigclowan had been placed 2nd and 5th. An incredible achievement, I think you will agree.

Team 'A': Zoe Morris, Cameron Griffiths, Andrew Smith
and Lyle Ross

Team 'B': Alisdair Soppitt, George Marlow, Laura MacDonald
and Louis Jennings



04 MARCH 2009
'A' Team
For the first time this season the sun was shining and both teams played hockey they should be proud of. The ‘A’ team moved their game on another step from their tournament win on Saturday. Looking up, passing, first time shots, strong tackles and encouraging calls were all clear to see. Again, Cameron’s name appeared on the score sheet 6 times, with other goals coming from Ludo (2) and Ewan D to finish with a final score of 9-1.

'B' Team
The ‘B’ team was lead by Thomas who certainly knew where the goals were. His hat-trick, along with goals from Alasdair and Johnny gave a convincing 5-2 win. Credit must be given to the defence, as they played with 7 outfield players. With George at sweeper and Henry and Felix at right and left back, the Ardvreck players couldn’t dodge past the excellent tackling and distribution.

A successful day for everyone concerned. Again the supporters are to be thanked for making the trip to Glenalmond. The odd flutter of snow wasn’t quite enough to put them off!



04 MARCH 2009

Continuing on the theme of ‘People who help us,’

Form 1 enjoyed a visit from Dr Burnett this week. He has confirmed that we all know how to stay fit and healthy!




04 MARCH 2009
Our first game was an easy 3-0 victory over St Leonard’s which put the boys in good spirit The next game against Loretto was eagerly anticipated by all but especially Max R and James R. A great determined performance saw us win 1-0. Our only defeat in the group games was to Cargilfield who gave us a lesson on how to be clinical in the D when given the chance. We lost 4-1. However, an excellent 4-1 victory over Lathallan meant that we went through to the semi-final group. Great performances against Ardvreck and Loretto again, meant that we were through to the final to play Cargilfield.

We were now one game away from winning the tournament for the second year running! Although we once again gave a great account of ourselves, we were beaten by the better team on the day. We lost 4-1 but we did have lengthy spells of pressure near the end when we almost scored a couple of goals. Harry, Grant, Hugh, Liam and Rory as well those mentioned above all did themselves proud and it was great to see them prove to everyone just how good they are. Well done boys!

A nervous but excited group of boys – James C's words - went to Strathallan to defend the title they won so convincingly last year.

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Allison McKinnie

04 MARCH 2009

Pupils and staff at Craigclowan School welcomed Allison McKinnie to school this week. Allison explained the importance of composting as a way of helping to reduce the contents of landfill sites and as a useful product for our gardens. We learnt what and what not to put into our compost bins, and which fascinating creatures make their homes in them!

More information about composting can be found at



04 MARCH 2009
Eco Schools Scotland Craigclowan School is very proud to have been awarded the Eco-Schools Bronze Award this week. The Bronze Award recognises the achievement and progress that Craigclowan has made towards the sustainable lifestyle of the school.
Many green initiatives have been already implemented at Craigclowan by the school’s Eco-Committee and many more are planned for the future. These initiatives include establishing a school Eco-Code, appointing “Litter Rangers” to ensure that playground litter is placed in the appropriate litter bins, improving the school grounds and restoring the school’s walled garden and reducing the amount of paper and energy being used at school. Craigclowan School cares deeply about environmental issues and is now working hard towards gaining a Silver Award and then finally hopes to be awarded the top level Green Flag Award.

Craigclowan School is awarded Eco-School Bronze Award




Form 5 Science
As part of this term’s work on Space and Light, Form 5 tackled several challenges including visual memory tests, the importance of colour and tested each other for colour blindness. We planned and organised our own methods of testing and recording and then tried to analyse our results. It was interesting to investigate the way we felt about different colours and their effect on us.




27 FEBRUARY 2009
Craigclowan 6-aside Hockey Tournament
On Saturday 28th February the boys U-11 ‘A’ and ‘B’ team had a great fun afternoon playing matches against Riley, Ardvreck, Lathallan and each other.
The ‘A’ team meant business right from the initial whistle, notching up a 4-0 lead in the 15 minute game. Alexander and his defence kept a clean sheet. Next was Ardvreck whom we had not played this season. Our attacking play was dominated by quick, early passing and excellent first time shots at goal. The final score reflected this with an 8-3 victory. We will need to tighten up on our tackling and distribution of the ball safely out of defence. The ‘A’ v ‘B’ match was a hard fought game. We swapped the keepers round for this match and a final score of 5-0 to the ‘A’ team was recorded. This perhaps wasn’t the best performance of the afternoon as it is often hard to play fast, flowing hockey against players who know you so well. The final match was against Riley and the boys were desperate to show the same form as they had at the start of the afternoon. 15 minutes quickly passes and a super 7-0 victory was recorded. This brought Cameron’s goal tally to 9 for the afternoon – a tribute to his own strong attacking play and the support of his midfielders. Well done to the boys at the back – Alexander, Toby, Jack, Ewan and Ruairidh G all took their turn in defence to keep a clean sheet in all but one match. The fitness of the Ludo, Ruariadh L and Ewan in midfield kept the tempo up in every match. Congratulations to everyone for a super team performance.

After such dominant play the ‘A’ team deserved the victory medals and trophy. The ‘B’ team certainly did not disgrace themselves against strong teams from other schools. I’m sure all players had a great fun afternoon and it was super to see so much support from family and friends.



27 FEBRUARY 2009

Friday 27th February was a red-letter day in the annals of the Craigclowan Debating Society: it was only the third time in 21 years that Craigclowan debaters had qualified for the Grand Final of the Courier / University of St Andrews Junior Debating Competition!

Back in October, 72 teams from Central Scotland embarked on the first round of debates; now, we were down to the last six and ours was of course the youngest team, all others being S2 or S3 teams from Senior Schools.
Jessica Porritt (Capt.) and Isobel Houston had an afternoon of training in St Andrews prior to the Final which took place in Lower Parliament Hall which is the Debating Chamber of The University of St Andrews Union Debating Society.

After the ritual procession, battle was joined with Glenalmond (Our old friends Cameron Montgomery and Marcus Buist), Dollar 'B' and Dollar 'A' proposing the motion "This House would allow soldiers to opt out of conflicts on moral grounds", whilst Isobel and Jessica, Dundee H.S. and Webster's H.S. were in opposition.
The debate was a passionate affair with cogent, intelligent arguments and rebuttals in evidence on both sides of the House. In the end though, Dollar 'B' were the worthy winners but Mr Raymond Bonner, the Presiding Judge and a Foreign Correspondent for The New York Times, neatly articulated the sentiments expressed by many on the night when he said that he was "in awe" of these talented young people.

This is a sensational achievement for Jessica and Isobel and I am sure they will remember their 2009 Grand Final for a long time to come!

Patrick Borderie


Jessica Porritt (Capt.)

Isobel Houston



MARCH 2009
Sandie has had another successful year. She has represented Craigclowan, as part of the Tayside squad, at the recent Scottish Schools Championships at Tollcross, Glasgow. She came 5th in her heat for the 200 metre Individual Medlay. She was an integral part of Craigclowans winning team against Kilgraston and Ardvreck at the recent gala this term. She gained 7 gold, 2 silver medals and broke 6 Club records at the recent Perth City Championships.

In Edinburgh recently, at the International Age Group Championships, over a four day period, She gained new personal best times in all her swims and narrowly missed a bronze in her 200 metre breast event by .03 of a second!

Sandie is competing at the Midland District Open Championships Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6th - 8th March and will be eligible to swim at the Scottish National ~ Age Group Championships, for the second year running, in April this year.

Sandie is now one of the top 10 swimmers in Scotland at the moment.



25 FEBRUARY 2009
At the invitation of the Debating Society, Peter Lyburn, the prospective Perth and North Perthshire Conservative candidate for the Westminster elections, returned to his old school to take part in a good humoured debate on Scottish Independence.

Proposing the motion were Issy Arnaud and Patrick Borderie whilst Annabel Simpson and Peter were in opposition.
When the House divided, the motion was firmly rejected
(5 ayes, 25 noes and 4 abstentions)

Thank you very much Peter. Our young debaters really enjoyed your gentle sense of humour.

Patrick Borderie


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25 FEBRUARY 2009
'B' Team (A)
Unfortunately for the first 2 quarters our shooters were off form, struggling to control the circle. However with some strong centre third play from Sophie and Jemima, they had plenty of opportunities to keep trying and as a consequence led at half time 9–1. A better second two quarters saw a final score: Craigclowan 19 – Riley 1

'A' Team (A)
Some excellent play from Sandie and Christina saw Riley under pressure throughout. When the ball did break into the opposition circle some sterling work from Daisy and Emily soon saw the ball back where it belonged – at the Craigclowan end!
The second two quarters saw the A team at their best. They knuckled down and soon the goals were flowing. Passing was slick and accurate with each player making their presence felt. Craigclowan ended on an excellent win. Final Score: Craigclowan 39 - Riley 2



25 FEBRUARY 2009

1st XI Hockey v Lathallan (H)
Before the game started it was emphasised to the boys that their organisation and the anticipation of passes from back to front and into the wider areas would be paramount to them achieving any success. The game started with the boys determined to show their abilities and prove that they could maintain a fixed formation through all phases of their play. What came soon was remarkable!

Max R cut in from the right to slot home the first goal after good play down the right. Hamish R got the second with a nice flick at the front post (2 nil at HT). Liam K scored the third soon after the break, after cutting in from the left following good individual running. The fourth was scored by Hamish R who was at the right at the right time to slot home. The fifth was scored by Liam K who again displayed good awareness of where the goal was to find the goal easily. The win was finished by Curtis T who found the goal after good running from the middle of the park.

In all it was the best performance of the season and boys should now build on this. Well done!

Final score: Craigclowan 6 - Lathallan 1

Jonathan Doak




25 FEBRUARY 2009

'B' Team (H)
It was the 'B' team who stole the show on Wednesday. They used a passing game to work their way around the opposition and slotted 5 goals home before half time. With too much dribbling and individual play dominating the second half, they had to wait for a further 2 goals towards the end. Lathallan scored a consolation game to bring the final score to a convincing 7-1 victory. A treble was scored by Felix as well as individual goals from Thomas and Adam .

'A' Team (H)
The 'A' team made a tremendous start, playing fast flowing hockey. Passing was accurate, communication was good and confidence was high as they took an easy 2-0 lead at half time. Unfortunately concentration wavered and clumsy tackles were made, allowing Lathallan back into the match. What should have been a convincing victory turned into a disappointing 2-2 draw. Hopefully lessons have been learned from this display and the team can enjoy success in the Craigclowan Tournament on Saturday, starting at 1pm.




24 FEBRUARY 2009
'B' Team (H)
The 'B' team played first and played well in the first half scoring quickly. Our centre third players were confident throughout, throwing accurately and making some good interceptions. By half time they led by 10–0. The second half saw a similar game to the first half.
Final score: Craigclowan 16 - Glenalmond 0

'A' Team (H)
Some excellent interceptions and ball passing soon saw our shooters mount up the goals. By half time the girls led 13–2. During the second half they used the opportunity to try some tactical passing with varying degrees of success. Final score: Craigclowan 20 - Glenalmond 5



24 FEBRUARY 2009

Form 4 enjoying Shrove Tuesday pancake races this week.




24 FEBRUARY 2009
1st XI Hockey v Riley (H)
The boys were determined to build on the win from the previous game and record another win. However, it was a rather scrappy affair and credit must go to Riley, for making it difficult to break the middle of the park. The boys took the lead from a good pass from midfield for Hamish R to slot home. After the goal all organisation was lost and passes went astray and Riley scored a well worked equaliser. The game was won, when with only two minutes remaining Rory W scored a good goal coming in at the back post.

Final score: Craigclowan 2 - Riley 1

Jonathan Doak



24 FEBRUARY 2009

Form 1 enjoyed spreading their favourite toppings on to their pancakes on Tuesday.
Chocolate spread seemed to be the favourite topping amongst the children!


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21 FEBRUARY 2009
What a superb day’s netball. Craigclowan girls take both trophies at the Ardvreck tournament.

U-13 Team (A)
The U-13 girls arrived at Ardvreck raring to go. The first match was against Fettes. Our girls kept their heads throughout the 10 minute game and although they started a little nervous, they went on to win 5–2. Next they played Strathallan which they beat comfortably 7-1. After that the girls had grown in confidence and began their next match against Kilgraston. With good midfield and defence work, our girls won 7–2. The final game was against Ardvreck, by winning this would put the U-13s into the final. Thankfully everyone kept their heads and worked hard gaining another win 9-2

The final was against Fettes, but our girls knew that if they kept calm and focused then they would win. The first half could have gone either way. Opportunities were won and lost by both attack and defence. At half time it was 3-3. In the second half, the girls kept focused, with encouragement from Sandie, they pulled themselves ahead with some excellent circle passing between the shooters. The final whistle blew and our girls had won a very tough contested match 8–4.

U-11 Team (A)
As usual the U-11 girls were very excited and confident when they arrived at Ardvreck. The first match was against Fettes, who made our girls look small. They started a little nervous, then once they had scored their first goal, they knew they could win and they did 7–2. Next they played Edinburgh Academy, and with ease they won 17–0. After that the girls had grown in confidence and began their next match against Kilgraston, they played really well and won 11–4. Our U-11s had already made the final by this stage, but they still had to play Ardvreck. Ardvreck had to win this match to play in the final. Unfortunately for them, we were on a roll and the U-11s played really well to win 10-0

The final was against Fettes, and even though they had beaten them earlier, that meant nothing. They remained focused in the first half and took a very commanding lead, not allowing Fettes to score. They went into the second half with a 7 goal cushion. In the second half, Fettes came back really strong and at this stage Mrs Grant was feeling pretty nervous! However, the final few minutes, the attack picked up and the final score was 11–4.

All the U-11 girls played their socks off and it was obvious from the results they had worked hard special mention to Isla Patterson, who was outstanding on the day. What a shooter! As coaches we are very proud of the girls and many thanks to all the parents who came to watch… It does make a difference!



21 FEBRUARY 2009
Glenshee Skiing
After such a warm week, we did not hold up much hope for the trip to go ahead. Once up there, however, we were pleasantly surprised by how much snow remained. To top it off, the weather was far better than forecast. What a stroke of luck! With many of the top runs open for skiing the children were overjoyed to get to these runs which are so often closed. There was a little drama at 9.30am when one of the boys had a wee tumble and twisted his knee. I must thank the Ski Patrol, who were amazing throughout the long and arduous trip up and over two valleys back to the centre. Thank the Lord that it was just a twist and nothing more serious. The rest of the day passed without incident with the kids having a fantastic time. I hope that this will not be the end of our Glenshee trips this term.



19 FEBRUARY 2009

Form 1 enjoyed a visit from two police constables this week. We enjoyed sitting in a squad car, but the siren was very loud!
The policemen told us all about their uniforms and the equipment they carry.
A few of us would like to be police officers when we grow up, but we will need to grow a bit first!




19 FEBRUARY 2009

Another successful Rag Bag collection took place on the 19th February. Thanks to all those who took part. The “Rag Bag” School Recycling Scheme has been developed to raise awareness about Textile Recycling in the UK and increase recycling rates, helping the environment and helping Local Authorities to meet challenging recycling targets. The money raised from this collection will go towards furthering the school's recycling initiatives, encouraging pupils to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever they can.




19 FEBRUARY 2009
Congratulations to the following girls in their selection for this years WOSPS v DANDYLIONS hockey match on Wednesday 4th March at Ardvreck:
Emily Waterston / Alexandra McLennan / Molly MacLean / Christina Farrar / Jemima Murray-Poore / Sophie Curran / Isobel Houston
Non travelling reserve: Lucy Hodge



18 FEBRUARY 2009
1st XI Hockey v Belhaven (A)
The boys started the game well controlling the opening exchanges with good attacking play. They were rewarded for their efforts with a fine goal from Grant D following a succession of corners. The boys continued this fine form to half time but the scoreline remained one nil after several chances were missed.

The second half saw Belhaven have the better phases of play and a series of fine saves from Harry W in goal protected the one nil advantage. Just before the end of the game Hugh D took a shot that was wildly deflected only for Max R to be in the right place at the right time to slot home. The boys now appreciate that much has still to be improved but can take heart from a win and a clean sheet.

Final Score: Belhaven 0 Craigclowan 2

Jonathan Doak

U-11 Hockey v Belhaven (H)
Well done to one and all who were involved in this super match. Our squad of 13 boys listened carefully to the one simple instruction – “Pass the ball.” With Tobermory using his accurate hit, George, Jack, Felix and Johnny sticking to the safety of a firm sweep, the defence quickly set the tone of the game. They looked up carefully and picked their passes to help set the midfield on their way. Strong running from Fintan, Thomas and Ewan, along with the skills of Ruairidh G enabled Craigclowan to dominate the middle of the pitch. Ruaraidh L, Cameron and Ludo were in a determined mood to improve on our previous 1-0 win over Belhaven last month. Yes, the passing was excellent, and looked beautiful, but where were the shots at goal? It didn’t take Ludo long to adapt from his second role as goal-keeper – indeed he finished the match scoring a well deserved treble. Cameron’s relentless dribbling and effort was rewarded with an excellent goal. With the attack solid, Alexander in goals made sure there was no room for relaxing in his defence. His constructive calls to keep the marking tight, along with a couple of tidy saves made sure the team maintained their unbeaten record for another week at least.

Final Score: Belhaven 0 Craigclowan 5



17 FEBRUARY 2009
On Tuesday some of the U-11 and U-13 girls swimming team went to Kilgraston to compete in Kilgraston's first schools gala. Ardvreck were also competing. The individual heats all went extremely well with most of our girls qualifying for the finals. Our girls were outstanding and swam their hearts out in the finals and relays. As a result we won both the U-11 and U-13 sections and best overall school.

Well done to everyone involved!



St. Ninian's Cathedral - Perth

17 FEBRUARY 2009

As part of our Religious and Moral Education lessons we’re looking at Christianity and several other World Religions and their places of worship. We were welcomed back to St. Ninian’s by the Reverend Ann Mazur and we were fortunate enough to be allowed to explore the cathedral, identifying all the main features and even having a look inside the sacristy, a separate room for storing sacred vessels. We all thoroughly enjoyed the insight into Christianity and it has helped us to bring a place that is unfamiliar to many to life.




16 FEBRUARY 2009

Explorers have a Special Visitor
The Reverend Ann Mazur, who taught at Craigclowan and led the Scripture Union group until 2007, joined the Explorers to take us on journey learning about the Fruits of the Spirit. Everyone was thrilled to see such a familiar face and as always she had a wonderful lesson in store where we learnt the values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We all got a taste of lots of different kinds of fruits such as lychees, blueberries and passion fruit.




Hope Whitelaw

In December 2008 Hope set off for a month of intensive skiing and race training at the British Ski Academy based at Les Houches in the Chamonix valley, France.
Training at the Academy consists of a rigorous daily programme. Hope’s day starts with a 7.00 wake up call followed by breakfast and a dash for the ski bus which leaves for the slopes at 8.30am. The team trains intensively for four hours and then heads back for a heavily carbohydrate laden lunch! Three hours every afternoon are spent with qualified teaching staff catching up with school work. The day doesn’t end there, however, as once the work is done another fitness session is squeezed into the late afternoon!!

This level of skiing requires natural skill, dedication and fitness and Hope has to pass regular fitness tests before each selection for the British team. This is Hope’s second season as a member of the British Ski Team and it started with great success. In the Anglo-Scottish Cup race she came 1st in the Giant Slalom and 7th in the Slalom. Following the Anglo-Scottish race she competed for Great Britain in the first international race of the season in the Czech Republic, finishing 19th in the Slalom and 26th in the Giant Slalom, a great achievement in this international race.

She first started skiing at the age of 3 and the dry ski slope here at Craigclowan has been a really useful addition to her programme. Hope is currently sponsored by Peak Leaders, Highland Spring and the Rannoch Bursary and in common with many of our national athletes is always looking for more help.

Hope Whitelaw

Hope returned to Craigclowan at the end of January and is due back at the Academy on the 11th of February were she will compete in the English Alpine Championship in Bormio Italy, The Crystal British Inter Schools Ski Challenge then an international race with the British Children’s Team at Abetone Italy. During the second week in April Hope will go onto the Scottish and British Alpine Championships in Courchevel and Méribel, France and then will be home for a good rest!